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Hobie Mirage Series

Hobie Kayaks— The Sweetest Ride Afloat

At Hobie, helping people have unforgettable on-the-water experiences, ranks supreme. Hobie believes that kayaking should be accessible, rewarding and - above all else - fun. This starts with locomotion. For many kayakers, long hours of paddling can dampen their fun factor, and paddle splashes can startle fish and wildlife. So with Hobie, Innovation & Ingenuity plus Quality and Craftsmanship for over 71 years brings us the MirageDrive!

The genius behind the Hobie MirageDrive’s double-scissor action was developed by carefully studying how penguins swim. Hobie engineers realized that these amazing birds’ efficient fin stroke was a perfect solution to powering your kayak. After countless hours of R&D and miles of on-the-water pedaling, Hobie’s breakthrough design linked a pair of cockpit-mounted pedals to a set of powerful underwater fins that are constructed out of a flexible, durable plastic. When pedaled, the fins flex to assume the shape of a propeller blade, scissoring back and forth on both the front stroke and the back stroke, yielding a smooth, efficient ride.

Hobie’s innovative MirageDrive propelled kayaking into a brave new era by combining the ease and go-all-day endurance of flatland cycling with the joys of kayaking. Whether it’s punching across an exposed patch of water, exploring new casting grounds, or nosing through a mangrove forest at sunset, Hobie’s MirageDrive delivers snappy, reliable performance, confidence-inspiring power and all-day efficiency.

Edna on a Hobie Mirage