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Mirage Sail Kit
Comes with two-piece mast, a 20.25 ft2 sail, cordage, fittings and a storage bag.
#84513001 – Turquoise/Papaya
#84514001 – White/Red
#84515001 – White/Turquoise
#84516001 – Silver/White
#79052202 – i Series Sail – Turquoise/Papaya
#79052203 – i Series Sail – White/Turquoise
#79052204 – i Series Sail – Silver/White

Life Vest
Stay safe with approved PFDs. High-quality construction available in several models and colors to fit you and your Hobie style!
Hobie Hi-Back Fisherman
Ready and loaded, this new fishing and hunting vest is the ideal PFD. Comfort, safety, with all the necessities close at hand.
#S6148XXX – Hi-Back Fisherman/Mango
#S6149XXX – Hi-Back Fisherman/Cactus
(XXX = size – SMD/LXL/XXL

Inflatable Life Jacket
Extremely lightweight, cooler and more comfortable than typical PFDs. Functional design for multiple types of water sports like fishing, kayaking, and sailing.
#S6779RG - Red/Grey
#S6779TG - Tan/Grey

Plug-In Heavy-Duty Cart
Highest-capacity cart with very durable knobby wheels. Welded stainless steel frame. Wheels are easily removable for storage. Also includes cart keeper feature and cart clamps. (225 lbs capacity).
#80046001 – Heavy Duty Cart
Other carts available for different terrain.

Never miss another wind shift, wave set or fish strike with Hobie’s Polarized Sunglasses. These stylie shades help you see better by eliminating glare.
#1565BLK – Escondido
#1562BLK – Playa

It’s simple math: match your clothing to the conditions and you’ll have more fun. Hobie Waterwear is ideal for sailing and kayaking adventures, and allows you to dial in the right layering combinations. Hobie spray jackets, sport shirts and wetsuits can be found in the accessories catalog.

Hobie Trailex Trailers
This lightweight aluminum trailer system can be ordered in three different configurations to accommodate up to four boats. Aluminum construction ensures corrosion resistance, and a sturdy build delivers a smooth, dependable ride.

Loyalty starts at your dresser drawer. Multiple
designs and colors available to fit your lifestyle.

#5024XX – Aussie hats (XX = size - MD or LG)
#5025MF – Hat microfiber w/ neck flap
#5026BM – Beanie Men's black
#5026BW – Beanie Women's white
#5018GM – Ball Cap Grey Mesh
#5018RM – Ball Cap Red Mesh
#5018BK – Ball Cap Black/Red
#5018BL – Ball Cap Blue/Gold

Rod Holder Extension
Easily slides into your boat’s existing molded rod holders to add security, and to help hold reels higher above the water.
#72020014 – Hobie Rod Holder Extension

Hobie Drift Chute
Perfectly control your drifting speed with this handy sea anchor.
#72020009 – Hobie Drift Chute

Anchor Kit
Stay put when you want to with this three-pound folding anchor. Kit includes 50 feet of line and a zippered stowage bag with end clips.
#80035A – Anchor Kit

Hobie Rod Leash
It’s one thing if “the big one” gets away; it’s a different story if you lose your favorite rod. Secure it with this leash.
#74052001 – Hobie Rod Leash

Gear Bucket
The ultimate utility tray. Perfectly organizes tackle, tools, parts and easily fits into existing 8" Twist and Seal hatches.
#71704001 – Hobie Gear Bucket
#71704021 – Deep Hobie Gear Bucket

This clever, quiet, 8-gallon unit is customdesigned
to work with most all Hobie kayaks. Accommodates three rods, and comes fully assembled (including batteries and charger). Two more optional rod holders may be added.
#72020007 – Hobie Livewell

Mirage ST Turbo Kit
Boost your cruising and sprinting speeds with these bigger, sleeker fins. Compatible with all MirageDrives.
#72065 – Mirage ST Turbo Kit
#72066001 – V2 Version(2009 and newer)
*Includes two fins and two longer masts.

Anchor Trolley Kit
Clever messenger-cable system easily allows you to set your anchor, deploy your sea anchor or Stake-Out Pole from the cockpit. Makes it a cinch to perfectly position your boat without having to shimmy forward or aft to fasten lines.
#72020008 – Anchor Trolley Kit

Stake-Out Pole
Hold your position in shallow water with this vertical anchor. Just drive the pole into a sandy or muddy bottom and secure it to your bow, stern or Anchor Trolley Kit.
#72076001 – Stake-Out Pole

Hunting Accessories
Organize your gun kit and make yourself and your boat virtually disappear with Hobie’s hunting accessories. It’s the next best thing to an invisibility cloak.
#72020013 – Gun Mounts
#72720 – Dodger Camo
#72730003 – Dodger Camo (fits Pro Angler)

Perfect for anyone seeking more stability. Fits most all Hobie kayaks and works with other kayak designs as well.
#72062101 Sidekick Ama Kit – Light Grey
#72063101 Sidekick Ama Kit – Dark Green

Ultimate Fishing Package
Fishfinder package, Hobie Gear Bucket (3 packs), RAM Tube Rod Holder, Anchor Trolley Kit, (2) Hobie rod holder extensions, (2) Rod leashes
#72020021 – Ultimate Fishing Package

Fishfinder Package
Includes Lowrance X-4 Pro Fishfinder, Ram Mount and Hobie installation kit (kayak specific).
#72020020 – Fishfinder Package

Fly Fishing Package
Hobie Sidekick, Ram fly-rod holder, Large Hobie Gear Keeper
#72020022 – Fly Fishing Package