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Hobie Mirage Island Series

The feeling is unmistakable: The puff tickles the back of your neck and your Hobie Island Series boat immediately reacts. The sail fills, the leeward ama float presses into the water (keeping the boat stable and flat), and your boat speed spikes. Soon, you’re flying across your local waters, an infectious grin spreading as your pace quickens. The feeling of balance, power and fun are very impressive. It all started when Hobie revolutionized multi-sport kayaking by introducing the Adventure Island (AI), an expedition-worthy, MirageDrive-driven touring kayak that easily transforms into a sweet sailing, Polynesian-style trimaran. Hobie later expanded this same level of fun and adventure with the Tandem Island (TI), the AI’s twoperson big brother. Factor-in all-day comfort, serious speed and ample stowage space and the only remaining questions are “with whom” and “where.”