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Leave it to Hobie to make kayaks that fly. Each Hobie Paddle Series Kayak is a seamless, roto-molded, polyethylene torpedo. Sturdy. Stable. And indeed, swift.

The result? Boats that effortlessly, and gracefully, glide!

Although fast, they are designed to reduce wetness. All Hobie Kayaks have a closed deck design with self-draining scuppers and seats positioned to keep you dry.

But wait, there's more. Not only are Hobie Kayaks easy to paddle, they're easy to pull. With sure-grip handles both fore and aft. For those rare moments when you're not paddling, all models offer on-deck paddle storage. Plus, they have molded-in cup holders to bring beverage service into the main cabin.

Hobie Kayaks believes that “fun is what it is all about”. With that philosophy in mind, they have managed to build products that offer flat-out, live-fast, and have-fun adventure. Which is exactly what you get with each model of Hobie Kayaks. Their innovative designs bring watersport products that are versatile, easy to use and fun to paddle for people of all ages and skill levels.

Starting with the Hobie Paddle Series Lanai, simplicity and innovation define the Hobie Lanai, A paddle-powered kayak that boasts a surprisingly stable ride, given its tidy waterline. The Lanai combines the best attributes of smaller boats, including maneuverability, acceleration, and skinny-water access, with the stability usually found in far bigger kayaks. At only 9 feet stem to stern, the Lanai is ideally suited to shorter paddlers, but it also delivers a full value ride to taller kayakers as well. Best yet, the Lanai is a snap to put atop a car, on even on a bicycle trailer.

In the line-up that follows, the Hobie Paddle Series has the Quest 13 which are larger than the Lanai, but only slightly heavier; yet, while having greater weight capacity. These models are followed by Hobie Paddle Series Tandem Kayaks: the Kona and the Odyssey. Both of which can be as easily paddled by one person as two!


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    • Lanai Deluxe ~ DISCONTINUED
    • Quest 11 Deluxe ~ DISCONTINUED
    • Quest 13 Deluxe ~ DISCONTINUED
    • Kona Deluxe ~ DISCONTINUED
    • Odyssey Deluxe ~ DISCONTINUED